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September 30, 2016
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Dental bonding repairs damage and hides flaws in your teeth. Dr. Stephen Dickey, your Pekin, IL dentists at Total dental bondingDental Care, explain how this versatile cosmetic dentistry treatment can improve your smile.

What is bonding?

During your bonding treatment, your dentist adds composite resin to your teeth. Composite resin is a putty-like material that bonds easily to teeth, giving the treatment its name. Since resin is flexible, your dentist can manipulate it into any shape he needs to repair or improve a tooth. Composite resin is available in several shades to ensure that the bonded area blends in easily with surrounding teeth.

Can I benefit from bonding?

Bonding is used to treat a variety of dental issues. It easily covers small chips and cracks in your teeth and can even be used to cover slight gaps in your smile. Receding gums not only affect your appearance but also expose your sensitive roots. Applying composite resin to the roots decreases sensitivity.

Do you grind or clench your teeth at night? If grinding or clenching is a frequent habit, you'll eventually wear down your teeth, shortening them. Bonding lengthens teeth, which improves their appearance and improves your bite. It's also a good choice if one of your teeth is a little crooked or pitted.

Tooth discolorations can make you reluctant to share your smile with the world. Covering discolorations with bonding is a simple way to brighten your tooth.

Is dental bonding complicated?

Dental bonding is a quick and easy process. Before adding composite resin to a tooth, your Pekin dentist will etch it and apply a pre-bonding liquid. After shaping the bonding material and applying it to your tooth, he'll finish the process by shining an ultraviolet let on your tooth. The light speeds hardening of the bonding material. In some cases, slight adjustments may be needed after the bonding material is applied, but these adjustments only take a few minutes.

Dental bonding is the perfect cosmetic dentistry solution for a variety of dental issues. Call Dr. Dickey and Dr. Conroy, your Pekin, IL dentists at Total Dental Care, at (309) 347-7055 to schedule an appointment.


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